Food labeling solution


For packaging labels used in the food industry, you need to be safe and environmentally friendly, and harmless to humans; you need to be able to fit perfectly on packaging containers of various shapes and materials, and it is not easy to fall off; more importantly, you Need to be able to stand out on the shelves of a wide variety of similar products, so that shoppers can look at you. To meet these three requirements, you need a dedicated and innovative partner that JIARUNYE can do.

Perfect shelf effect, attracting users' attention

According to consumer survey research, shoppers' spending habits tend to be impulsive. Then the instantaneous consumption decision is crucial. How to form a shelf effect and firmly grasp the user's eye, you need a beautifully packaged label. JIARUNYE has developed a hot stamping and ultra-transparent film label product that is very good at this: bright and bright colors, or transparent and elegant visual effects, make your products as eye-catching as art. Thereby promoting consumers' willingness to purchase.

Adapt to different packaging containers to meet different labeling requirements

Food is packaged in a variety of forms, including glass, soft and hard plastics, fiber materials, and metals, as well as unpackaged and directly labeled. Our food labels respond well to the labeling requirements of different containers. Perfectly fits the product packaging container and is durable.

In addition, food labels have different labeling requirements in different environments. They need to be resistant to low temperature, moisture, and oil. They need to be peelable, re-stickable, and tamper-proof. In response to this different use,  has solved the problems one by one and relieved the worries of customers.

Safe and environmentally friendly, strictly abide by food labeling regulations

We are far from producing self-adhesive labels, safe and environmentally friendly, and strictly abide by all food labeling regulations. It also meets government regulations and directives for direct and indirect food labeling.