Security label customization


Many companies or businesses have a lot of concerns when buying anti-counterfeit labels. The anti-counterfeiting labels made by a certain company have no effect, not only will the label be faded, and even the phenomenon of inquiries will often disappear.

JIARUNYE Industry provides professional product anti-counterfeiting label printing customization services. The company is committed to research and development of advanced anti-counterfeiting label technology, and the label uses a combination of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. It has provided accurate, reliable, safe, stable, high-quality and efficient professional service label customization services for the production and distribution of tens of billions of famous products of major enterprises and institutions across the country.

The company has a full range of anti-counterfeit label printing equipment. We can provide professional customized services according to customer requirements, and provide anti-counterfeit labels, logos, certificates, certificates, scratch cards and bill production with high anti-counterfeiting and added value. Clients are involved in various industries and fields such as food, medicine, electronics, clothing, machinery, publishing, agricultural materials, transportation, energy, and chemicals.

Shenzhen Jiarunye Printing Co., Ltd. has advanced anti-counterfeit label printing technology, which has provided effective anti-counterfeiting label solutions for tens of thousands of cooperative customers nationwide and free proofing. Excellent quality, well-known!