How is the computer battery label made?


With the continuous advancement of the technology era and the popularity of the Internet, computers have entered thousands of households. Whether they are at work or in learning, they are inseparable from computers. Using computers will also become an essential skill for life learning. The battery is an indispensable part of the computer. The computer battery is a lithium-ion battery. When you open the notebook, the cover will see the battery position. On the battery, a battery label will be attached. The battery label will prompt various parameters and prompts. . It has the functions of protecting parts, beautifying the appearance and displaying the brand. The current materials mainly include bright white, matt white, matt silver and bright silver PET (polyester). Jiarunye Printing currently serves battery label customers such as Lenovo and Dell.

 Today, Jiarunye Xiaobian introduced to you how the Jiarun industry printed computer battery label was made.

1. Pre-press plate making: The engineering department personnel will confirm the drawings in the previous period according to the customer's needs, draw the die-cut die and the film map of the plate in advance, make the production drawings, and input the BOM of the ERP system.

2. Arrangement order: The personnel of the production department will run out the requirements according to the ERP system, and carry out the order of the machine and formulate the demand for materials.

3. Pre-press plate making: After the film arrived, the printing room staff performed pre-press plate making according to the printing plate;

4. Printing: According to the requirements of the production work order, the printing staff starts printing according to the requirements of the drawings;

5. Die cutting: the printed label is handed over to the die-cutting person for die cutting;

6. Inspection: The finished product of the die-cutting label is handed over to the inspecting personnel to check whether the battery label has defective printing products;

7. Packaging: The computer battery label that has been packaged is handed over to the warehouse management personnel and is to be shipped to the customer.

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